Hello, I am Sath or Tavvi.
I'll be your guide. This blog is a nsfw blog. Mostly satanic shit, blood, gore, gore and horror.
Sometimes I do arts. Have fun.

+ 'pragaras' means 'hell' in Lithuanian.

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gunshot wound to the heart

Postmortem ‘marbling’ is caused by bacteria tracking though the superficial blood vessels causing pigment changes in the blood.

In 2011, a 29 year old Indonesian woman was arrested after she was found to have murdered (and eaten) more than 30 young women. During her arrest, a massive amount of human remains were found in her refrigerator, including those of her husband. The unnamed cannibal reputedly also hosted various parties where she would serve up some of the human meat to her unsuspecting guests. The woman confessed that an inner yearning and unstoppable desire caused her to eat the victims, and that she would do it all again without hesitation. 


Francis Bacon

Head I detail, 1949 (Oil and tempera on wood, 100.3 x 75 cm.)